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Most of us accept there is a power to belief, even if it is only to dispel the destructive emotions that may exist in the present. Yet how do we believe? How do we believe – against the run of reality – in a future that is the polar opposite of what the present dictates will happen?

Instinctively, we know how to believe – we used to do it all the time as children. We imagined, we daydreamed, we pretended. But as adults, to believe, when reality tells us not to, brings us into conflict with logic, reason, common sense and a lifetime of conditioning. We have also learnt to feel fear; the fear of despair if our belief turns out to be false. But when we believe in ourselves we are indifferent to despair; we feel we can handle anything. Belief does not come without self-belief.

Ideally, we need an approach that uses the same techniques we used as children, within a strategy that builds self-belief. However, identifying this strategy is only a small part of the solution. We can imagine a desired future, and perhaps we can pretend it will happen for a few seconds, for a few minutes, or even for a few hours, but this kind of belief dissipates the moment we lose focus. True belief is built up over time, and it is far from easy: the closer we come to attaining it, the greater the resistance we encounter. Life will do everything imaginable to throw us off course. We need to be able to persevere for an indefinite period of time, without positive feedback and frequently with negative feedback. This level of perseverance takes total commitment; it takes unwavering desire and determination: we need to be driven.

We have been through years of education, but we are not taught the skills of how to believe, to persevere, or to create drive. For some reason, it never occurs to us to ask why we are so unprepared when we find ourselves struggling with adversity: perhaps, because we are expected to accept the reality of our life. But what if we can’t accept it? What if we want to change it?

Extreme Mental Combat is a simple, straightforward strategy that was created with the purpose of attaining the highest level of belief in a desired future and in ourselves. The strategy looks at the techniques we used as children but focuses primarily on the ability to persevere and the creation of drive.

The non-fiction book The Fight and the fiction books Break Lima and The Game (links to which are at the top of this page) examine different aspects of the strategy and the use of tactics within the confines of a story. The book Extreme Mental Combat (link EMC) describes each element of the strategy in detail.