Gatekeeper 17


Gatekeeper 17 differs from the other books on this website as it does not describe Extreme Mental Combat directly. However, it looks at one of the reasons the strategy was originally developed – to empower patients – and the conflict this presents within the existing healthcare system. It also touches on the importance of confidence, ways to directly tap the power of the unconscious and the potential use of new technology to combat illness.


Dawn breaks at 3.23AM on the longest day of the year in Scotland’s capital.
The first bodies are discovered before 9AM. By the time the third victim’s body is uncovered waves of
uniformed and CID officers are arriving in Edinburgh from all over the country. Even DI Boyle, banished
to serve out his remaining years on the Force at the Police Training Centre, is recalled to active service.

As hours pass, and the body count mounts, Boyle is confronted by the realization that the country he loves
is being used as a killing ground, and that Scotland’s longest day, would be its darkest.


Gatekeeper 17
by A H FitzSimons